Premium-Quality Wing Sauces With Exceptional Flavor
The Flaming Chicken
Premium Wing Sauce Lineup

Our premium-quality, wing sauces come in a variety of styles to satisfy your cravings for truly superior traditional wings or something more unique. Use your imagination and cook up something totally different.

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A Collection of Award-Winning Sauces With Unlimited Possibilities


The Flaming Chicken sauces come in a variety of flavors ranging from classic to extraordinary. Check out our product line to see what your recipes have been missing.

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Premium-Quality Sauces With Exceptional Flavor To Complement Any Meal

  • FISH
  • PORK
  • BEEF
  • GAME

You don't have to stop at just wings. The Flaming Chicken sauces also go great on other types of meat--vegetables, too!

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Critically Acclaimed by Chefs, Judges, Foodies, and Wing Experts


Every Flaming Chicken sauce that has ever been entered into a competition has at least placed in the top 3, most often coming in first. Try some for yourself and find out why.

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A Variety of Uses in All Types of Recipes

  • Marinades
    Marinate Your Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, or Game

    Different flavors pair well with different types of meat and veggies. Get creative!

  • Honey BBQ Sweet Pulled Pork

    Honey BBQ Sweet Pulled Pork

    Combine pork tenderloin with the Flaming Chicken Honey BBQ Wing Sauce in the slow cooker for an easy and delicious dinner.

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  • Dipping
    Heat and Serve Alongside Your Meal as a Condiment

    We've branched out from traditional wing sauces to include more versatile flavors.

  • The Flaming Chicken Honey BBQ

    The Flaming Chicken Honey BBQ

    Our Honey BBQ sauce may have been made for wings, but its also great on burgers, with steak, or over french fries.

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  • Scorpion Fire Hot Wings

    Scorpion Fire Hot Wings

    Drench your buffalo wings in this tangy hot sauce made with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers for extra heat.

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  • Wings
    Use as a Traditional Wing Sauce To Add a Unique Kick

    From Honey BBQ to Hot Garlic, we've got a wing sauce to cover all the bases on game day.

  • Hot Garlic Chicken Glaze

    Hot Garlic Chicken Glaze

    Brush your chicken with this garlicky sauce and fire up the grill for a real treat. Try it on other types of meat & veggies, too!

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  • Grilling
    Grill Your Favorite Meats and Vegetables

    Marinade or glaze your favorite meats and veggies to add more flavor to grilled shishkabobs.